Rules and Services

It is mandatory by law to fill out the information in the Record Sheet when booking, except for the email address. However, this information will only be used to keep you informed about our establishment.
We offer the maximum guarantee for the data protection, although they may be given to the Security Office of the Republic of Cuba if requested.

The daily price per room varies according to the season.
There is a discount if the stay is longer than 15 days.
The total price of the stay will be paid in CUC or EUROS upon arrival.
There will be not refunds unless the guest is seriously sick.

Check-in is after 2:00 pm. Guests must provide us with their passports and visa documentation as per Cuban law. These documents will be returned the following day. It is mandatory to sign in the Register Book and fill out two copies of the Record Sheet so you can keep one of them.
Check-out is at noon. Guests who check out after 12:00pm will be charged for an additional night without access to the room.
La Colonial offers a free luggage storage service.
The key to room must be returned when you check out.

We would appreciate your letting us know, in advance, about any illness, disability or allergy you may suffer from, so we can make your stay as comfortable as possible.
La Colonial 1861 will not take any responsibility for these issues if you do not inform us in advance.

Dinner will be booked 24 hours in advance and it will be served between 19:00 PM and 22:00 PM. The price per meal is 10 CUC per person. Beverages are not included.
Breakfast will be booked 12 hours in advance and it will be served between 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. The price is 5 CUC per person.

You will find the price list in your room.
The payment will be done upon check out.

Cleaning is done on a daily basis (if the room is available before 12:00 PM).
We change sheets and towels every three days.

Guests may be charged for any damages to the room including damages to the linens and towels. All rooms have: air conditioner, hairdryer, safe box, and mini bar fridge.
We kindly ask you not to leave any electrical device turned on when you leave the room, expect for the fridge.
It is important to use the right voltage which is indicated in each room.
La Colonial 1861 is not responsible for any damages to electronic equipment caused by incorrect power adaptors. Additionally, guests may be charged for any damages to the room.
Guests can use all the common areas in the house, expect the bar located in the dining room and the apartment at the end of the corridor.
According to the local legislation, any friend/ acquaintance visiting during the day time must fill in the Register Book. Visitors will not be allowed at night unless they had previously been registered in the Register Book.
In any case, the maximum capacity allowed in the rooms is as it follows: 2 adults and a child under 10 years old in the double rooms and 3 adults or 2 adults and 2 children under 10 years old in the family room.

It is mandatory to throw toilet paper, hair or any other non physiological waste in the trash can.
Pipes might be damaged if you do not follow this instruction. In which case, you will be responsible for the damage caused.

We provide free telephone service for phone calls to local (La Habana area) landline numbers.
It is not possible to make international calls, but please ask our staff about any other phone calls.

We offer a laundry service for 5 CUC per wash. Each wash shall not exceed 3 Kg. We also offer ironing service at 1 CUC/garment. The guest will communicate the total number of garments they hand in. Garments will be returned between 24-48 hours after drop off date. We do not take responsibility for any damages that may occur.

We will be happy to arrange your trip from/to the airport.

La Colonial 1861 does not take responsibility for any loss or theft that may occur in the rooms.
We therefore, recommend you to deposit any valuables with the management, declaring the value of them when you do so.
We offer a free security service for your vehicle (available from 22:00PM until 6:00 AM)

La Colonial 1861 does not accept responsibility nor pays any compensation for any loss, or damage caused by unforeseen circumstances. Considering “unforeseen circumstances” anything that could not be predicted or avoided, such as war threats, wars, public disturbances, terrorist acts, illnesses or epidemics, natural disasters, closing of airport or other transport means, state measures or any other similar problems.

We provide our guests with a complaints book.
Nevertheless, we would appreciate your telling us about the incident before using it so we can solve the incident and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

When confirming your booking you are accepting our Register Sheet (rules and services) and you are committed to pay for your reservation, unless you cancel it a week before your arrival. The Register Sheet works as a contract to be obeyed by both parties. The Register Sheet will be valid since the customer sends us (via email, telephone etc.) the information requested. La Colonial 1861 reserves the right to cancel the booking if your conduct or your visiting friends´ conduct is not appropriate. May this occur not refund will be given.
If you want to stay longer or cancel, you will have to let us know 48 hours in advance and it will depend on the rooms available.

When staying at La Colonial 1861 you are committing to behave properly according to Cuban law.
Our guests will take complete responsibility for their guests’ actions towards the property, other guests and the personnel of the hotel, such as physical damage, theft, insults or bad conduct.
We will hold no responsibility for any issues related our guests´ guests.
Any incident against Cuban law will be solved in court.